Network X 2023 Schedule

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Pathways to Digital Green Future: Digital Targets, Investments, and Sustainability

Roland Montagne  (Principal Analyst FTTx, Broadband Director Development, IDATE DigiWorld)

Alexia González Fanfalone  (Economist / Policy Analyst - Communication Policy and Regulation, OECD)

Arturs Alksnis  (Public Affairs Director, FTTH Council Europe)

Francesco Rotunno  (Specialist EU Affairs, Open Fiber)

Eric Festraets  (Strategic Marketing Director Fixed Networks, Nokia)

Xavier Renard  (Member, FTTH Council)

Nathalie Nassar  (Member, FTTH Council)

Vincent Garnier  (Director General, FTTH Council Europe)

Lauren Crean  (Economic/Policy Analyst – Telecommunications and Broadcasting, OECD)

Location: Workshop A

Date: Thursday, October 26

Time: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Event: Broadband World Forum

Theme: Fibre

Session Type: Workshop

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Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: Broadband World Forum

To discuss the FTTH industry’s progress and challenges in achieving green and digital targets, we propose a Workshop, divided into three distinct sessions, each focused on a key aspect of the FTTH sector's future: Digital Targets, Investments, and Sustainability Targets.

The first session will explore how the FTTH industry is working to enhance connectivity and propel society into the digital age by achieving the EU’s ambitious Digital Decade targets. This panel will showcase the remarkable strides made within the industry to achieve digital targets, provide insights from the FTTH Council Europe market data, and discuss what hurdles need to be removed to boost FTTH deployment and adoption.

The second session will provide comprehensive insights from the rapidly evolving landscape of FTTH investments and will explain the importance of including FTTH in the EU taxonomy. The session will delve into various investment models prevalent in the sector, showcasing the diverse strategies employed to secure funding and ensure long-term viability of FTTH projects. Participants will gain valuable insights into the role of sustainability in attracting investors.

The third session will turn its attention to sustainability targets. As climate change looms large, the FTTH industry recognizes its responsibility to adopt eco-conscious practices and contribute to global sustainability goals. The panellists will discuss the ongoing work and ambitious initiatives within the industry geared towards measuring and reducing the industry’s environmental footprint.