Network X 2023 Speakers

Laurent CiavagliaISG ZSMETSI

Laurent Ciavaglia is leading the network management, intelligence and data research and standards team at Nokia, and contributes to network automation technologies in various standards working groups and research communities.
Prior, Laurent has worked with Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony as Head of Autonomous Networks Innovation Europe.
He has extensive experience in inventing future network automation technologies with focus on intent-driven, zero-touch and artificial intelligence techniques.
Laurent is an experienced standards contributor as editor and co-author of multiple specifications in the IETF, IRTF and ETSI in the fields of zero-touch networking, intent-based networking, autonomic networking, closed-loop automation, telemetry, and integration of machine learning and machine reasoning functionalities in networking environments.
Laurent serves as co-chair of the IRTF Network Management Research Group (NRMG) and participates in standardization activities related to network and service automation in IETF, O-RAN, ETSI, ITU-T and TMF.
Laurent is also a proud member of the IEEE network operations and management community (CNOM).