Network X 2023 Speakers

Maria CuevasNetworks Research DirectorBT

Maria manages BT’s mobility research work programme, working with a team of 25 researchers and technical consultants to explore new technologies, identify revenue opportunities and drive value into BT.
The research work programme led by Maria underpins BT’s mid-to-long term vision in the mobile space, contributing towards BT’s converged network ambition. The role of her team is to develop new technologies to support future product and services, Maria also advices the business on the impacts of emerging network technologies, standards and regulation.

Her current research interests include the convergence of cellular and Wi-Fi technologies, the application of AI and ML to telecoms networks, virtualisation and dis-aggregation of network infrastructure & the enhancement of M-MIMO techniques to drive further capacity gains in mobile networks.

Maria has worked in BT for 22 years, she has played multiple roles across design, architecture, technology strategy and research. During that time, she has been involved in a number of key programmes and projects including 21CN, BT Fusion, BT’s LTE spectrum acquisition or the IMS platform procurement, amongst many others. She has also played a key role in standards and industry bodies, including ETSI, the GSMA and more recently the Telcom Infrastructure Project, where she is member of the Technical Committee.

Maria holds a Telecoms Engineering degree, undertook an MsC in Telecoms as part of the Erasmus programme and a Business Strategy & Leadership Master by Ashridge International Business School.
Maria was awarded the “Women in Telecoms” Award by the ITP and is now part of the Dinstinguished Engineers community within BT.