Network X 2023 Speakers

Geert HeyninckVice President, Broadband Network Business, Fixed NetworksNokia

Geert Heyninck is Vice President & General Manager for Nokia’s Broadband Networks business, covering fiber & DSL technologies, network controllers, and in-house ASICs.

Over the past decade, he has been the driving force behind industry-changing technologies like VDSL Vectoring, 25GS-PON, and software-defined access. His current focus is on expanding FTTH networks to “Fiber for everything” - enabling PON solutions to deliver business services, support 5G Back/Mid/Fronthaul, enable Industry 4.0, and everything else.

Geert has more than 25 years of experience in the telecoms industry and holds master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Applied Economics.