Network X 2023 Speakers

Terje JensenSenior Vice President, Head of Network and Cloud Technology StrategyTelenor Group

Dr. Terje Jensen is Senior Vice President at Telenor heading up both the Global Network Architect team and the 5G Readiness strategic program. This covers all network domains (RAN, transport, cloud platform, core) and sets defines targets, detailing guidelines, outlining solutions and executing pilots. The 5G Readiness program addresses technical, commercial, strategic and business environment topics for all Telenor markets, which ensures that insights are readily available for main decisions and implementation. Collaboration with operators, vendors, industry fora and others are also part of the tasks across the different domains.

Terje has more than 3 decades experience in the telecom area from a number of positions within areas like operation, planning, strategy and research. This includes engagements in several countries and international projects. He has authorship to more than 200 publications.