Network X 2023 Speakers

Ted KaplanCEORFK Engineering Solutions

Ted Kaplan is co-founder, CEO and Chief Systems Engineer at RKF Engineering Solutions, LLC (“RKF”). RKF has been providing custom solutions for SATCOM & Terrestrial communications to industry and government for over 20 years. RKF's primary objective is to enhance system capacity and intersystem collaboration, while fulfilling system quality of service requirements. The company's core competencies encompass a wide range of services, including spectrum management engineering, architectural design, acquisition support, integration, modeling, and simulation, as well as software development.
RKF, with Mr. Kaplan as strategic advisor, conducted sharing studies for the WiFi Coalition that played a pivotal role in the allocation of RLAN frequencies in the 6 GHz band.
Notably, Mr. Kaplan is also co-founder of Kythera Space Solutions, a company specializing in the development of resource management systems for satellite networks.
Mr. Kaplan has a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania and an MS in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University with a focus on communication systems.