Network X 2023 Speakers

Evan KirchheimerVice President, Service Provider ResearchOmdia

As Research Vice President, Evan is responsible for the breadth of Omdia's research into service providers, their markets, and the vendors that support them. His team of industry specialists covers strategies and regulation, regional markets, networks, consumer, enterprise, and wholesale services.

Evan's primary focus is to help providers identify new opportunities and guide the communications ecosystem toward them. He provides insights, which enable providers to transform their own networks and operations, counter competitive risk, develop ecosystem strategies, and offer innovative services to consumers and businesses. B2B services remain as his core expertise.

Prior to joining Omdia (formerly Ovum) in 2009, Evan worked at Datamonitor and Nortel Networks.
He holds a degree in English and European studies from Amherst College and Master of Philosophy in European politics from the University of Oxford.

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