Network X 2023 Speakers

Marc MerliniBusiness Development DirectorJCDecaux

Marc Merlini is leading JCDecaux Link, a JCDecaux Group corporate structure dedicated to connectivity and related services. JCDecaux Link’s mission is to be the Group’s specialist in this area, assisting the subsidiaries to develop connectivity services and coordinating all the Group’s technical, commercial, contractual, and financial expertise relating to these activities in order to develop relevant business models.

These services involve the development of connectivity solutions in cities, metro networks and airport hubs notably using small cells, WIFI or Beacons, to meet the challenges of the Smart City, while addressing the needs of mobile operators for more efficient networks.
Marc started his career in the military and telco sectors and joined JCDecaux in 2007, as Head of Consumer Applications within the corporate IT organisation, developing bike sharing systems and interactivity products.
Marc joined JCDecaux Link in 2015 and was appointed business development director in 2017.
Marc is a graduated Engineer from ESME Sudria (France).