Network X 2023 Speakers

Eduardo PerezSenior Lead – Strategy & InnovationColt Technology Services

Eduardo leads at the convergence of digital and telecom. With a career marked by visionary insights and tangible achievements, he embodies a next-gen leader who deciphers digital customer behaviours, prioritizes experiences over capabilities, and creates a safe space for challengers.

Leveraging strategic agility, Eduardo drives initiatives that defy conventional limits. Co-innovating with competitors and industry giants like Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and PCCW have produced breakthrough blockchain solutions, addressing +B€ industry challenges and yielding impressive outcomes. His role in scaling Colt's Network-as-a-Service through the integration of worldwide offnet provisioning further pushes the industry to compete in value creation, avoiding current commoditization.

Eduardo's significant contributions have earned him four prestigious industry awards and a prominent role as a regular panellist at industry events. Seamlessly connecting digital and telecom, he eagerly anticipates the upcoming telco-to-techco revolution.